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Physical Activity

Physical Activity

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Person walking in the woods
Read article: 6 steps to prevent a fall
6 steps to prevent a fall
Having just observed National Falls Prevention Week (Sept. 18-22), I thought it would be good to discuss falls and how to prevent them. Chances are...
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Read article: How do I feed my active teen?
How do I feed my active teen?
A nutritious diet is important for teens to ensure proper growth and development. For teens that play sports or engage in regular exercise,...
girl doing sit ups
Read article: Fueling for fitness
Fueling for fitness
Get the most out of your workouts by fueling your body with the right nutrients before and after exercising. Fueling Before and After Exercise...
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Read article: Childhood obesity: A growing concern
Childhood obesity: A growing concern
Engaging in physical activity together as a family models healthy behaviors, strengthens relationships, and leads to numerous mental and physical...

News Releases

Backyard landscape filled with green grass, plants, flowers, and a tree.
Make time to be inspired by nature's lessons
URBANA, Ill. — Spending time in nature allows people to take in the world around them. In today's busy world, learning how to hit pause to take lessons from nature and explore the benefits of outdoor activities is vital. University of Illinois Extension...
Learn what research reveals for current health challenges
URBANA, Ill. – The rush of summer activities can interrupt healthy routines. Researchers from University of Illinois can help guide your summer health choices. A series of seven workshops will dive into a wide range of topics, from fitness to brain health.  The free online webinars are...
Healthy habits can be learned
Rural communities are at higher risk of food insecurity and nutritional deficiency. Because summer is a great time for families to set new goals to eat healthier and exercise more, Illinois Extension Educator Susan Sloop offered the Healthy Habits 12-Day Challenge in June. Developed by...


SNAP-Ed Impact and Return on Investments

A return-on-investment analysis estimated the economic benefits of the IL SNAP-Ed program per dollar spent. A model was constructed using program data and prior literature to estimate the number of obesity and food insecurity cases prevented by IL SNAP-Ed. Altarum’s Value of Health model was...