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Team from Fulton, Mason, Peoria and Tazewell Counties Receive Top Award at Illinois Nutrition Education Programs Fall Training



On October 9 in Champaign, IL, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education team from Fulton, Mason, Peoria and Tazewell counties received the top award for excellence in teamwork at University of Illinois Extension’s Illinois Nutrition Education Programs annual Fall Training.

The SNAP-Ed team consists of Kaitlyn Streitmatter, Rebecca Crumrine, Tara Agama, Nate Anton, Julie Dantone, Katherine Ellis, Krista Gray, Skye Mibbs and Kellie Roecker. Support for the team is provided by county director Earl Allen and office support by Sheila Bolliger, Angela Sassine, Julann Schierer, Paula Lane and Deb Balagna. SNAP-Ed provides engaging, in-person nutrition education classes and partners with local organizations to promote healthier settings and food choices.

This award is given to a team that works effectively to accomplish strategic planning goals; creates an environment that encourages trust, open communication, respect and cooperation; places statewide and team goals above individual goals; and builds collaborations to identify and solve problems after considering multiple viewpoints.

Working in the areas of food access and early childhood education is a focus of this team’s programming efforts. The team has participated on coalitions addressing food insecurity, collaborated on gardens which provide donations to food pantries, provided classroom education on nutrition and gardening and numerous educational opportunities at food pantries. In addition, collaboration with multiple Head Start centers has improved the health culture within each and given families and staff resources to live healthier lives.

The goal of SNAP-Ed is to improve the likelihood that those eligible for Supplemental Food Assistance Program will make healthy food and lifestyle choices that prevent obesity. SNAP-Ed is provided in all fifty states and is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. In Illinois, SNAP-Ed is part of the Illinois Nutrition Education Programs with University of Illinois Extension.

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