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Allison Pratt

Allison Pratt
4-H Metro Youth Program Coordinator

801 N Country Fair Dr. Suite D Champaign IL 61821

(217) 333-7672
Program Areas
4-H Youth Development

Allison Pratt is the 4-H Metro Youth Development Coordinator. Before working with 4-H Allison worked for the Boys and Girls Club of Livingston County.

Allison grew up in a 4-H family in Cropsey, Illinois. She her siblings and her parents were all active members of 4-H growing up. She believes that these technologies have the power to inspire creativity, problem-solving skills, and a love of STEM. Today Allison loves to teach youth about drones and other robotics projects. Allison is also passionate about food and cooking. She believes that cooking is a fun and rewarding activity that can teach valuable life skills, such as math, science, and nutrition.