If you want your steer(s) to be eligible for the County Rate of Gain Contest, the Illinois State Fair Junior Show, or the Illinois State Fair Premiere Contest, you must bring your steer(s) to be weighed and tattooed.

This will be the only steer weigh-in this year in Fulton County. Volunteers from Avon will come over and volunteer at this one instead of hosting one there.

No pre-registration is required, but you must arrive there in the time frame listed.

In the event of extremely severe weather, call 338-2543 that morning, to see if the weigh-in has been postponed. Any cancellation notice would also be given over WBYS AM 1560 and on our Facebook group page.

Steers must be castrated prior to tattooing. If possible, exhibitors should be present during tattooing. Electronic ear tags will also be used. There is no charge for the ear tags.

If you are only weighing in the steer(s) for County Rate of Gain purposes, you don’t have to get the tag, but without the tag, your animal will NOT be eligible to go to State Fair Junior Show — and you CANNOT get the tag later.

Each livestock member may nominate up to 10 steers for the State Fair Open and Junior Premiere Classes. Junior Premiere Steers are eligible for the Open Premiere Class, if they are properly entered at the time that State Fair Open entries are made. To qualify, carcasses must grade at least low select, have a yield grade lower than 4.0, and weigh 950 pounds or less. To qualify for State Fair, calves must have been born on or after January 1, 2019. They must be owned and personally cared for by the exhibitor since February 1, 2020.




Program Areas
Event Date(s)
Event Time
8 to 10 AM
Fairview Sale Barn