Mason and Tazewell Steer Tattoo and Weigh-In

All those planning to exhibit steers at the Illinois State Fair must have the animal weighed and tattooed.
Tazewell, Mason and Logan County 4-H are all weighing in on the same day. The schedule is very tight. It is critical that anyone needing steers weighed, call the Extension office to reserve a time slot.

If you want your steer/s to be eligible for the County Rate -of-Gain Contest, the Illinois State Fair Junior Show, or the Illinois State Fair Premiere Contest, you must bring your steer/s to be weighed and tattooed on the above date. Steers must be castrated prior to tattooing. If possible, exhibitors should be present during tattooing. All steers will be electronically tagged as well as tattooed with the box “A” tattoo for 2022. We will be using the new federally approved electronic ID tags this year which allows for out of state travel. All State Fair Junior Show Steers - Premiere and non-Premiere steers must be weighed at the time they are tagged and tattooed in 2022

The backup date due to weather is set for Saturday, February 12.