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4G STEM Camp Teacher Track Application Deadline

4G STEM Camp teacher laughing
Event Date(s)


  • Orientation call: mid- May
  • 4G STEM Camp: June 26-30, 8:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Post event call: mid-August
  • Implementation of project – fall 2023
  • Project update at Teacher Tuesday – spring 2024

Position Responsibilities:
Teacher Track participants will attend 4G STEM Camp as learners and observers of how to work with
community partners to enhance STEM career exploration. Teachers will also assist with various roles prior to,
during and after camp, including:

  • Prior to camp, attend one orientation call and assist in preparations for planned events as needed.
  • During the camp week: 
  • work with staff to implement activities and evaluations during the programming sessions
  •  foster the development of positive relationship between campers, staff, and teachers strive to assist campers in developing positive relationships with site hosts, setting up opportunities
  1. for follow-up and mentorship opportunities

  2.  assist campers with adjusting to new situations by serving as a group leader for a small group

  3.  assist with reflection activities at the end of the day with your small group

  4.  encourage reflective process to help campers create their culminating project for the camp

  5. maintain a log or journal outlining experiences – will review at completion of camp week

  6. engage in self-reflection at the completion of each day on application to your classroom experiences

  7. identify and develop a value-added process, lesson plan or training that may be implemented within

  8. your school’s current curriculum – to be implemented in fall 2022

  • After camp week:
  1. Participate in calls to discuss implementation of STEM career exploration activity in your school

  2. Implement STEM Career exploration with your students during fall 2022 semester

  3. Share implementation with other teachers via workshop, blog post or video.


  •  Have a teaching position working with 6 th , 7th or 8 th grade youth in a STEM related field (preferred)
  • Have energy and enthusiasm for implementing a new STEM career exploration project in your school

4G STEM Camp


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If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact