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Deb Balagna

staff photo of Deb Balagna
Fulton County Office Support Assistant

15411 N IL 100 Highway Lewistown IL 61542-9468

Program Areas
Office Support

Deb joined the Extension team November 2018 as Office Support Assistant in Fulton County. Like others in the same position, she works to support the mission of Extension by helping both staff and the public in a variety of tasks. Deb also works with the Extension Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs. She brings over 20 years of experience in office management with an emphasis on communications and human resources. Deb describes herself as a life-long learner, enjoying both the learning experience and the opportunity to teach others.

Deb graduated summa cum laude from Lincoln Christian University with a Bachelor of Art in Christian Ministry in 2015, just a year after her oldest child graduated from the same institution. She has served in both private and public sectors and is most fulfilled when her career closely aligns with two important core principles: education and virtues.

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