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Extension Snapshots

What I Do and Why It Matters - Office Support

clip of the Snapshot Hard Copy, includes Deb Balagna and Sheila Bolliger's staff photos

Deb Balagna, Fulton County Office Support

“I provide support to all our great Extension staff, volunteers, and guests. Tasks can range from simply making copies to complex accounting tasks to unusual information requests. My goal is to create a memorable welcome, a calm work environment, and meet whatever need is presented.”


Sheila Bolliger, Tazewell County Office Support

“As the unit’s fiscal secretary, I work with staff on typical tasks like purchasing, travel, contracts, and program expenses. I also monitor accounts on a unit level and compile data for budgeting purposes. I feel by helping staff with these details, they are able to focus more on programming and our mission.”


Paula Lane, Mason County Office Support

“I support Extension staff in whatever way I can to make their jobs easier. I help the general public understand what Extension does and what we have to offer. I interact with Extension volunteers and 4-H youth in a way that they know they are valued.”


Angie Sassine, Peoria County Office Support

“My role focuses on assisting the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) team in our unit. It includes data entry, that is valuable at both the local and state levels, as well as other local program logistics. I also assist the rest of the staff as needed.”


Julann Schierer, Peoria County Office Support

“My position includes a variety of duties. In addition to assisting our program staff, I’m also the front runner to clientele to assist with their questions. My goal is to be sure the office runs smoothly which in turn helps the whole team achieve the goal of making people and communities better."



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