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Mason County 4-H launches new club, Sand Ridge Clovers

group of kids with 4-H flag

The newly named Sand Ridge Clovers 4-H Club held its inaugural meeting and established its United States Department of Agriculture 4H Club Charter on February 15, 2024. Thanks to Mason County 4-H alumnus Bridget Guede of Manito, more youth and their families will be able to enjoy all that 4-H has to offer.

“4-H brings back some of my best childhood memories and it is something I always loved being a part of,” commented Bridget. Her involvement in the community as the owner of Little Dreamers Daycare and Ms. Bridget’s Dinner To Go was a tremendous help when it came time to launch the club. As a youth Bridget belonged to Prairie Pioneers 4-H Club and Mason County 4-H Federation. She got involved as a volunteer leader when her children reached the age to participate.

The first meeting brought eight new members to Mason County 4-H, and the club membership continues to grow. The Sand Ridge Cloverbud Club was also formed to offer youth, ages five to seven years, the opportunity to join.

“It is very special to receive a USDA 4-H Club charter. In order to create a club charter, one of the first decisions for a newly formed group is to name their club,” explained Joli Pierson, Mason 4-H program coordinator. “Guided by Bridget, the members used parliamentary procedure, the orderly way of decision making, to decide on the club name Sand Ridge Clovers and elect officers.” The name is based on the location where they meet, and near the area of the county where many of the members reside, which is near the Sand Ridge State Forest.

Parliamentary procedure takes time to learn but is necessary to aid clubs in arriving at organized conclusions to members’ ideas. The group continued to practice the basic steps by having discussion, making motions, and voting for the ingredients to be included in the trail mix, which would become the meeting refreshment. Members also had fun making calming glitter jars as a creative project activity.

Along with the official club name and officers, the USDA 4-H Club Charter also includes an official agreement about the proper use of the 4-H Name and Emblem and 4-H policies, procedures, and other official requirements. The 4-H Club charter is the official welcome into the National 4-H program.

Since 4-H began more than 100 years ago, it has become the nation’s largest youth development organization, reaching 6.5 million youth across the nation. According to National 4-H Council, youth in 4-H gain valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around them.

Photo caption

4-H Alumnus and new club leader Bridget Guede, holds the Club Charter which was established at the inaugural meeting of the Sand Ridge Clovers 4-H Club and the Sand Ridge Cloverbud Club. Bridget is pictured with her club members and newly elected officers.


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