Pine Creek Watershed Stakeholder Meeting

Farmers and those living in Ogle County and surrounding areas know how important the Pine Creek Watershed is. Landowners whose property drains into this watershed are important allies in keeping it safe, and we invite them to join us for a lunch and meeting to talk about steps they can take to preserve the water quality of this important natural resource for future generations. University of Illinois Extension has been researching the best management strategies landowners can take to limit the nutrient flow into streams and waterways like Pine Creek. IL Extension educators will share a variety of options and future funding opportunities that will be available to interested landowners to offset costs in implementing nutrient loss reduction conservation practices.

Join us for this free event via Zoom on Fri Feb 25, from 11:30 am - 2 pm (the in-person capacity for this event has been reached, Zoom option is still available)

Presenters include:

  • Dr. Daniel Schneider, UI Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Peggy Doty, IL Extension Educator, Energy & Environmental Stewardship
  • Rachel Curry, IL Extension Watershed Outreach Associate

Additional Information

  • What is a watershed?
    A watershed is an area that drains into a common stream, lake or river. Watershed health is improved through best management practices.
  • Why are watersheds important?
    Watershed health is important for drinking water supply, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and community development.
  • What is the Pine Creek Watershed?
  • Pine Creek rises where several stream branches come together south of Illinois Route 64. The creek then flows 17 miles south to join the Rock River between Grand Detour and Dixon.The stream's upper miles flow through mostly pasture land until 7 miles downstream where it enters White Pines Forest State Park.
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