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A.I. & Your Farm

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Woodhull Community Center
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Explore the Future of Farming with A.I.: In an era where technology reshapes every landscape, the merger of agriculture and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) stands as a pivotal frontier. Join University of Illinois Extension for “A.I. and Your Farm" event and luncheon on March 5 at Woodhull Community Center, 10 am to 1 pm. Sponsored by Goldstar Cambridge, Big River Resources, and River Valley Cooperative.
  1. Explore AI applications in farming with N. Dennis Bowman, Illinois Extension digital agriculture specialist as he presents: "Old McDonald had a Farm: AI, AI … Oh!" Bowman is an expert in precision farming and practical applications of agricultural technology. He will discuss AI and technological innovation from the lens of real-world applications and ongoing research.  
  2. Dive into drones, fungicides, and learn about SweetWater precision ag technologies from Hannah Gripp, SweetWater Technologies, Powered by Gripp. Hannah graduated from Purdue University with an Agriculture Education degree with a crop science minor. Sweetwater Technologies is a full-service drone application and business development company, offering the next generation of American farmers and ag professionals turn-key, owner-operator partnerships within precision agriculture. The company aspires to guide the entrepreneurs of agriculture through the challenges of business ownership and income diversification with proven systems and strategies.
  3. Look into the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy with Nicole Haverback, Watershed Outreach Associate at Illinois Extension. Nicole serves two nitrogen priority watersheds, the Lower Rock River and the Mississippi North Central Watersheds, in the northwestern part of the state. She will discuss valuable insights into the strategy's background, practical agricultural solutions and AI technology that can be utilized to reduce nutrient loss. 
  • Lunch by Henn House BBQ.
  • No-nonsense insights into A.I. in agriculture.
Registration: Cost is $5 per person, with lunch included. Pre-registration is required. Fill out the form below to join us and explore the future of farming with a touch of tech! 
If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact