We believe in Illinois: its people, its diverse neighborhoods and communities, and our shared future. We believe that health and wellness are the foundation for individuals, families, and communities reaching their full potential. We believe in and promote a culture of service as fundamental to strong and healthy families, neighborhoods, and state. We believe that the long term sustainability of the environment and agricultural productivity requires stewardship and care. We believe in and respect youth’s potential to change the world and work to support nurturing communities and opportunities to learn and grow.

We believe in the state of Illinois and we are committed to our mission, linking local communities to the University and developing programs, tools, and knowledge that will support needed change. These webinars help us fulfill our mission: to align research to needs and translate research into action plans that allow Illinois families, businesses, and community leaders to solve problems, make informed decisions, and adapt to changes and opportunities.

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​​​​​​Fruit and Vegetable Gardening


Yards | Shrubs |Trees

  • July 20: Themed Gardens: Design with Kids in Mind | Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series
    Foster the love of gardening with the youth in your life by creating theme gardens. Join Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator Brittnay Haag as she shares ideas and tips for creating a special place for your young, hands-on learner to grow, explore, and be creative. Whether it’s at a school, community garden, or your backyard, theme gardens use plants and design elements inspired by a specific topic, such as favorite books, colors, foods, animals, or even places to visit. Contact: Gemini Bhalsod


Energy | Environment | Natural Resource


Commercial Ag


Trees and Forests

  • August 12-13: Invasive Species Summit: Japanese Chaff Flower
    Learn the ecology, impacts, and management of the invasive Japanese Chaff Flower (Achyranthes japonica). The summit includes both virtual presentations from experienced researchers and managers on August 12 and field tours to see infestations in-person and learn from professionals actively engaged in managing this species on August 13.  Four different field tours are available across the range of chaff flower, plus a virtual tour option for those that cannot attend a field tour in person. Contact: Chris Evans 


Economic Development | Workforce Development

  • July 27: Moving a Broadband Project Forward 
    Broadband technology enables residents to conduct business, work from home, attend school, drive innovation, and access remote healthcare services. But some rural and underserved urban Illinois communities with insufficient infrastructure or limited provider choices still find it difficult to gain access to affordable, high-performance broadband. Uncover strategies and opportunities to develop, fund, and deploy broadband access in your communities. Contact: Nancy Ouedraogo
  • August 3: Broadband Adoption and Affordability 
    With online activities on the rise in education, health care, government services, work, and entertainment, meaningful broadband access and skills become even more critical for those now least connected. Learn strategies for making broadband more affordable, equipping your community to make effective use of online tools, and understanding policies and programs that can make a difference. Contact: Nancy Ouedraogo

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