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May 2024

Dr. Shelly Nickols-Richardson
Associate Dean and Director of Extension

While the original plan was to begin groundbreaking on the Doris Kelley Christopher Illinois Extension Center in June, the bidding climate has delayed our efforts. We received three bids, all providing construction estimates which were very close to each other, but unfortunately, all three were over budget. Issues of a tight labor market and worker availability, along with continued supply chain disruptions and persistently elevated costs, resulted in a failed bidding outcome. Fortunately, we have a pathway forward that will still bring forth the vision of a beautiful central location from which we will collaboratively co-create and innovate programs, curricula, trainings, services, and more. 

Doris Kelley Christopher is committed to the alternative plan and the Center. Steps are underway to finalize the paperwork that will approve a redesign phase and secure the project’s momentum. We anticipate groundbreaking in the spring of 2025. Continue to dream and share your thoughts and ideas about how the Doris Kelley Christopher Illinois Extension Center will facilitate our mission in which University of Illinois Extension develops educational programs, extends knowledge, and builds partnerships to support people, communities, and their environments as part of the state’s land grant institution.  


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