Merchandise and Apparel

Branded merchandise allows staff to share their affiliations with the University of Illinois and Illinois Extension. The University announced new branding in spring 2020. This page provides guidance about where and how to order branded merchandise and apparel.

When preparing to place an order, consider these three areas.

Branding Approval

  • Art approval: Staff should send a draft of their merchandise marketing art to prior to ordering. In the title, please include URGENT: ART APPROVAL Unit #xx. These requests will receive one-day turnaround.
  • All Extension merchandise must be co-branded with the Extension wordmark. When space is limited, exceptions may be granted.
  • For state- and county-sponsored 4-H merchandise the subprogram name and emblem must be co-branded with Extension. The 4-H clover may not appear without the Extension wordmark. The only exception is when items are purchased directly from the national Shop 4-H website and customization is not an option. 4-H Federation merchandise must be co-branded with Illinois Extension. 4-H clubs are exempt from co-branding. When space is limited, exceptions may be granted.
  • Master Gardener and Master Naturalist merchandise should be co-branded with Extension. When space is limited, exceptions may be granted.

Vendor Selection

  • Approved vendors vs. local vendors: Use an approved vendor when paying with a Pcard. Staff can use local vendors if paying with a purchase order. In either case, art should be approved by the state communications team.
  • A list of licensed vendors is available on the Extension staff portal.
  • To help units access high-quality, ready-to-ship merchandise, a storefront is being established for the internal purchase of merchandise. Look for the opening around Aug. 15.

Fiscal Policies

Follow all fiscal requirements when ordering Extension merchandise. Offices may use any of these methods to pay for any branded merchandise:

  • Purchase orders
  • P card
  • Unit in/out accounts, with restrictions