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Extension meets people where they are, and that's why we offer so many resources on our website. Check here for help editing content on the new Drupal 9 website launched in March 2023.

General Guidelines

Download the Extension Website User Manual (Revision September 2023)

  • VPN Login: If you experience trouble with the site editor loading while not in an Extension office, try logging in through VPN.

Image Size Guidelines

  • News Releases: Must include a Spotlight Image sized exactly 1200x800 pixels horizontal.
    • Can also include a banner photo which is extremely narrow.
  • Events: Image size must be 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Blogs: Must include a Main Article Image sized exactly 730x400 pixels horizontal. 
    • Can also include a banner photo which is extremely narrow.
  • Image Row and Image Text Row: Images display at a 1200x880 pixels horizontal ratio. Size photos to this dimension to avoid losing part of the image. 
  • Image Gallery: To provide consistent images when opened, use a 1200x880 pixel horizontal size for all images. Vertical images can be used.
  • Staff Images: Must be sized exactly 140x200 pixels vertically.
  • Recipes: Size photos 1200x800.
  • Heroes: Must be at least 2000 pixels wide. The depth will be determined by the cropping of the site dependent on which device the user is on.
  • Big Buttons and Cards: Image size should be 700x350 and contain no text.
  • Featured Boxes: Image size should be at least 2000 pixels wide and contain no text.
  • Featured Splits: Image size should be at least 1200 pixels wide and contain no text. The portion of the image that shows will vary greatly depending on how much text is in the side section and whether you select Fixed or Full Width.

General Image Guidelines

  • Do not include photos inside text boxes. Choose one of the newer image paragraph types: Image/Text Row, Image Row, Photo Gallery
  • Do not place text on an image for the website.


Writing Web Content

What you write is as important as the tools to add it. Learn to write from a customer-focus approach. Gain new readers that lead to clicks and attendance at your events. 


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