Creating Your Online Biography

Creating an online bio helps position both you and Illinois Extension as the source for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information. Expert. Authoritative, Trustworthy. (E.A.T.) are the qualities Google looks for when evaluating and rating a website. To demonstrate expertise list the program topics and academic credentials, including awards in your biography. To demonstrate authority, link to any peer-reviewed articles, news releases, blogs, or videos. Trustworthiness is shown when other organizations mention you or link to your programs and biography. 

Template for writing your online bio

Online bios often include the following sections:

  • Who you are | What you do | Where you do it | Why your work matters?
  • Previous experience: (work and volunteer, if it relates to your current job description)
  • Education: Degree in what, where from, when (though this is not always necessary)
  • Certifications /Trainings (if relevant to your job)
  • Awards and Honors (if relevant to your job)
  • Other
    • Research interests
    • Recent Publications or Peer-reviewed Articles
    • Blogs
    • Videos
    • Media Releases
    • Media Coverage
    • Social media accounts if your accounts focus on your work

Also verify

  • Select the appropriate program area. Illinois Nutrition Education Programs is only allowed for SNAP-Ed and EFNEP staff.
  • Verify the address and phone are correct.
  • Be sure the staff titles follow the template.
  • Be sure to select appropriate keywords. Choose words from the pre-populated list
  • If a staff member changes units, the staff will need to be unlinked from the original unit. Submit a request to the Extension IT help desk. 
  • No entry is needed in the Short Bio field.

Check out more suggestions for creating your online bios from the recorded webinar presented by Extension Communications and Marketing Manager Judy Mae Bingman. Download the presentation slides