Website Analytics

In 2020, 9,144,849 users viewed 12,511,058 Illinois Extension web pages.

Two new Extension IT tools allow all staff to gain critical information about the reach and audience on every page of the Illinois Extension website. Two dashboards are available: 

Analyzing statistics allows content producers to gauge the type of content which is receiving the greatest amount of interest and adjust their content strategy development. The dashboards include the number of new and returning visitors to each webpage, as well as how each visitor came to the page. 

Key Analytic Terms

  • Page Views: Number of times a page is viewed, including repeats from the same user.
  • Unique Page Views: Number of pageviews, excluding repeats from within the same session.
  • Users: Total number of visitors to your site during the report period.
  • New Users: Number of visitors who came to your site for the first time during the report period.
  • Sessions:  A group of user actions on the website that take place within a given time frame. By default, a session will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity on the site.
  • Pages/Session: An average of the number of pages visited during one session.
  • Average Session Duration: Average of the time each user spent on your site during an active session.
  • Average Time on Page: Average of the time a user spent on a single page on the site.
  • Entrance Rate: Percentage of users who began a website session from this page.
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of users who exited the site from the same page they entered the site.
  • Traffic Sources: 
    • Organic: Users did a keyword search to access the Extension webpage.
    • Direct: User typed in web address to access the Extension webpage.
    • Social: User clicked a link from social media to access the Extension webpage.
    • Referral: User clicked a link from another site to access the Extension webpage.
    • Email: User clicked a link they received in an email to access the Extension webpage.
    • Display: User clicked an online advertisement to access the Extension webpage.