Webtools email marketing simple and easy

Many laws govern email marketing. Violations of the CAN-SPAM Act can exceed $48,000 per instance. A campus tool removes most of the worry surrounding email marketing and the CAN-SPAM Act. Watch this series of videos on creating emails and newsletters that meet all the requirements. Note that some of the screens may not match the current Webtool interface after a recent upgrade.


Laws govern digital marketing and communications. This is one of the most important trainings an Extension staff member can take. Walk through the requirements you must follow when emailing the public. Training Recording.

Creating Mailing Lists in Webtools Group Manager

Group Manager in Webtools allows you to organize your customer lists and gives you an easy, automated way to meet CAN-SPAM guidelines. Learn to create groups and the corresponding opt-out groups. Website.

When to Use Unsubscribe vs Opt Out

The CAN-SPAM Act requires organizations to provide subscribers an easy, one-step method to be removed from commercial mailings. Webtools Group Manager does all the work for you. Using practical Extension examples, this training reviews when to use opt-out and when to use unsubscribe to manage your groups. Training Recap.

Using Skin Designer and Email+ to Create Newsletters

Consistent branding is important to establishing Extension's brand identify and alignment with campus. This training reviews the CAN-SPAM Act requirements, the newly released Extension Webtools Skin Designer, and creating engaging emails. Training Recap.

Using Skin Designer and Email+

Campus requires that all Extension headers use the official Extension skin for all emails through Webtools. 

Advance Webtools Techniques for Newsletters

Deciphering Webtools Reports

Webtools allow you to analyze the success of your email marketing. Download reports on open rates, bounced emails, time of opening, and so much more.

Creating and Organizing Custom (Short) URLs

Short URLs provide a public-friendly web address that's easy to remember. Short How-To Training Video | Tips for Using Short URLs | Tips on Organizing All Those Short URLs