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Each workshop begins at 8:30 a.m. each Wednesday throughout fall. Unless noted, each session lasts 30 minutes and will allow time for your questions to be answered. Register for each individual workshop you want to attend. You'll receive a unique registration link for each session you choose. Remember to add the training to your Outlook calendar. 

All workshops will be recorded, but only those who registered will be notified of the recording.

  • September 7
    Creating and Using QR Codes.
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    Webtools makes it easy to create QR codes, but when is it right to use these handy shortcuts in your marketing? Emily Steele will walk through the creation process, discuss when to use these, and how to manage your team's codes so they aren't lost if the owner leaves Extension.
  • September 14
    Branding Hiccups and How to Get Rid of Them.
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    You have more to do than figure out which Block I goes on what color background. Matt Wiley will provide a simple review of the branding requirement, including first look at the new campus primary colors. Yes, the orange and blue have been modified to be more accessible. Hear it here first!
  • September 21
    Changing Video Guidelines for Social Media Platforms.
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    They've done it again. As platforms try to gain viewers, each social media company is changing their video guidelines. Learn the current guidelines for each platform as Erin Knowles reviews the new requirements. 
  • September 28
    Design Awesome Event Flyers.
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    Not many of us are designers, yet our daily tasks may require us to do design work. Matt Wiley and Liz Smith will give you the basics of designing event flyers that capture attention and drive registration. If you host events or market those events, you should be on this call. We are allowing 45 minutes for this session to allow time for lots of Q&A and show and tell!
  • October 5
    Who is Seeing Your Stuff? Let Google Analytics Inform Your Content Strategy. Register for this workshop.
    More than 11 million Extension web pages are accessed each year, but are people visiting your pages? Judy Mae Bingman will help you access and interpret your website traffic, then help you create actionable steps to making positive changes.
  • October 12
    When to Use Unsubscribe vs. Opt-Out in Webtools
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    The CAN-SPAM Act requires organizations to provide an easy, one-step method of being removed from commercial mailings. Webtool Group Manager does all the work for you. Judy Mae Bingman will explain when to use opt-out and when to use unsubscribe to manage your groups.
  • October 19
    Deciphering Webtools Reports.
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    You can learn a lot about who is receiving, reading, and engaging with your Webtools emails by decoding the information in Webtools Reports. Judy Mae Bingman will look at key data points that may help you get better engagement with your readers.
  • October 26
    Engaging Our Communities via Translation Services. Register for this workshop.
    Extension's new translation specialist, Monique Rivera, will help us understand why translation matters, as well as explain the difference between translation and interpretation. The presentation will include:
    • The Translation Process 
    • When Is Translation Important? 
    • Cultural Relevance and Responsiveness
    • Translation Services and Resources

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