Translation Services

Language translation services are available for:

  • Local, regional, or statewide program content that has statewide distribution.
  • Statewide content that has local distribution.

Translation needs for local program content with local distribution are not eligible for state-level services, but the translation specialist can recommend qualified translators to units that can be paid by the unit directly using a CFOP number.

Watch the recording from the recent training.
Use the presentation slides to discuss the services with your colleagues.


  • Translation: The state translation specialist will translate, edit, and proof Spanish-language requests using the TEP (translation, editing, and proofing) process.
  • The state translation specialist will coordinate services for other language requests through The Program in Translation & Interpreting Studies at U of I.
  • Translation referrals: The state translation specialist can provide referrals to qualified translation services for projects that fall outside the scope of state-level projects. Units or programs requesting referral may pay for those services using a CFOP transfer.
  • Interpretation resources are in development.
  • Program-specific templates in Spanish are in development.

Translation services are available throughout the year. Please note: We anticipate limited capacity from June through August due to the availability of additional campus-based translators over the summer. Please submit your request for translation services as soon as you are able.


  • Determine if your project meets state-level project request criteria.
  • Project turnaround: Allow four weeks for most standard Spanish translation requests. Outsourced translation services, translation services that also require Marketing and Communications team design or website work, and large-scale projects, such as multi-page publications or reports, may require longer lead times.
  • Translation only: 4-week standard turnaround for regular projects.
  • Translation with design/website work: 6- to 8-week turnaround for regular projects.
  • Large-scale projects: 8 weeks or longer turnaround (client and Marketing and Communications team member will discuss project specs and set a realistic turnaround expectation during consultation.)
  • Emergency requests will be considered case by case based on scope, size, and impact. Submit your translation request at A team member will confirm the project details and schedule a consultation.
  • Before meeting with a Marketing and Communications team member, please determine:
    • Audience
    • Goal/purpose

To determine language access needs, Extension staff should examine the population demographics and frequency of LEP populations served. Other considerations include the public’s requests for materials in specific languages, data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and data from other agencies.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation (real-time, spoken, or sign language) services may be available later.


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