Powerpoint Checklist

  • Every slide must have a unique title. If you do not wish to display the title, make it match the background color. 

  • Be consistent with the font and font sizes used in your presentation. 

  • Avoid using slide transitions, animations or automatic slide transitions. 

  • Try not to overcrowd slides with too much content. 

  • Delete any empty paragraphs, bullets or lists. 

  • Make sure to use text-boxes for text and not shapes. 

  • Delete all unnecessary or empty elements on each slide, including any text or boxes behind images, as the tagging process will pick these up and cause issues. 

  • Ensure every audio and video file in your document has a transcript. 

  • Wherever possible, group separate objects together if they are meant to be part of the same figure. Remember to apply alternate text (alt-text) to the grouped object. 

  • Complex graphics should be described in the body of a slide, in the notes section, or on an appendix slide. It is important that alternate text is applied to a chart or graph to describe the overall purpose of the figure. 

Word Document Accessibility Checklist 

Alternative Text (Alt Text)

  • Include alt text for every image, including:
    • Photos
    • Graphics
    • Tables
    • Logos and branding
  • Indicate decorative images with one of the following options:
    • Check the "Mark as decorative" box in Word's Alt Text options
    • Enter two sequential quotation marks [""] as the alternative text

Color Contrast

  • Choose text colors that provide adequate color contrast to the background

  • Avoid using color alone to convey meaning

  • Word's Accessibility Checker will flag possible text color issues


  • Organize information in logical ways

  • Use Headings in the correct order 

  • If using the built-in Headings, make sure use in the correct order 

  • Insert a page break to start a new page rather than hitting “Enter” to get to start of new page.

  • Create meaningful hyperlink display text instead of displaying a long URL: Formatting hyperlinks

  • Avoid using generic display text for a hyperlink: Click here, Read more, or Info

  • The accessibility checker will not flag these as possible issues