Website Keywords

Help Site Visitors Dig More Deeply

Readers often want to find additional resources related to topics they enjoy. The website uses keyword tags to organize similar content to help readers find related content. The keyword tags only search inside the Illinois Extension website and are not relevant to search engines. The keyword tags are predetermined and listed below. 

The keyword tag function is available for events, news releases, blogs, and staff bios. Choose keywords relevant to the individual piece of content. If you believe there is substantial content available to warrant the addition of a new keyword, submit a marketing request.

Website keyword tags are different than keywords used by search engines, such as Google. It is important to use Google-rich keywords in the content of the article. Those keywords are likely more narrow than the broad categories used for Extension keyword tags. 

Download the Best Practices Guide

This page previews a portion of the full best practice guide for website keywords. Download the full Illinois Extension Website Keywords Best Practices Guide to explore this topic, including a list of all of the current keywords.

Recently Added Keyword Tags

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