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Plant Disease

Plant Disease

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rust fungal spores under a dissecting microscope
Read article: Lawn rust: Why are your shoes turning orange?
Lawn rust: Why are your shoes turning orange?
An orange lawn? You’re walking through your lawn. You notice some discoloration in patches, but it doesn’t seem too alarming. After walking in your...
close up photo of insect hole on tree
Read article: Cantankerous cavities
Cantankerous cavities
Most cavities in a tree are caused by some type of living organism, either an animal or a pathogen of some sort. Some cavities will only be found in...
blossom end rot on pepper plant
Read article: St. Louis Metro East Update: Blossom end rot attacking peppers, tomatoes
St. Louis Metro East Update: Blossom end rot attacking peppers, tomatoes
High temperatures and very high humidity are the current conditions in the St Louis Metro East. The entire region has received rain recently, just...
broccoli and cauliflower plants
Read article: Southwestern Illinois Update: Peaches, potatoes excel
Southwestern Illinois Update: Peaches, potatoes excel
July has brought a little relief from the drought conditions, but for some that relief has been short-lived. Locally, most areas have received a...

News Releases

pumpkins and mums near wagon
Holiday favorite gourd is good to go for 2022
Few of us stop to wonder how that slice of pumpkin pie made it onto our plate, but if it weren't for the Illinois pumpkin industry and plant pathologist and Extension specialist Mohammad Babadoost, the classic fall dessert...
Illinois Extension wordmark
Guide outlines steps to take when pesticide drift occurs
URBANA, Ill. – Pesticides assist in managing pests. People should use precise application techniques detailed on the label so they don’t endanger people, pets, livestock, plants, and the environment. Damage can occur when pesticide drifts from its intended location onto adjacent fields...
Six ways to keep your hosta foliage looking great
A mainstay of any shade garden in the Midwest, Hostas are grown partly for their flowers but mainly fabulous foliage. To keep that foliage looking great, watch out for these problems. Fortunately, you are far less likely to run into Hosta Virus X (HVX) today than a decade ago, thanks to...
Extension offers best gardening tips for fall season
URBANA, Ill. – As fall approaches, trees begin to change color, cold weather sweeps in, and garden prepping for winter begins.  A free three-part University of Illinois Extension online webinar series will help gardeners prepare for the cold...


Identification and Control of Woody Invasive Plants

Invasive shrubs, trees, and vines are a serious threat to native plants and natural areas in Illinois. Species such as Amur honeysuckle and common buckthorn can grow so dense that they nearly block all of the light to the forest floor. Vines, like Oriental bittersweet can wrap around trees so...