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thriving downtown buildings
Read article: Bring life to empty downtown buildings
Bring life to empty downtown buildings
I’ve noticed that many of our rural Illinois communities have a vacant or derelict building in the heart of their downtown or on main street. While...
Streator Incubator Blog with business icons
Read article: Streator Incubator Feasibility Study
Streator Incubator Feasibility Study
Streator is a forward thinking city. Successful incubation programs operate like the businesses they help launch, whether they’re located in rural...
Restaurant dinner table
Read article: Where Illinois restaurants stand
Where Illinois restaurants stand
Local eateries, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and coffee shops are the social and economic lifeblood of many Illinois communities. Following the stretch...

News Releases

Young farmers seek solutions to entry barriers
Young and beginning farmers face many challenges, including access to land, financial capital, technical knowledge and support, social networks, adequate labor, marketing experience, health insurance, and childcare. University of Illinois Extension is wading...
$10,000 prize awaits top ag innovator
URBANA, Ill – Innovation is the heart of Illinois agriculture. A $10,000 Glen Brandt Prize for Ag Entrepreneurism award will be given to one winner who exemplifies an entrepreneurial spirit and advances innovation through their business practices.  Glen "GB" Brandt, along with his sister...