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Two small children playing in water
Read article: Kids who care
Kids who care
Recently, I was supposed to attend a family night at a local preschool where I would work with the youth about what it means to care and be kind to...
three children holding hands
Read article: Helping children learn to get along
Helping children learn to get along
As the oldest child of three, and also having a child of my own, I can say first-hand that children are going to argue, not get along, and even fight...
family playing a game
Read article: Building traditions as part of a "family night in"
Building traditions as part of a "family night in"
The holiday season is approaching, and many families are feeling the pressure building.  How can everything get accomplished?  Do I have a low-fat...
family eating dinner
Read article: Making family mealtimes happen
Making family mealtimes happen
With many families in back-to-school busy mode, it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy having meals together. However, research shows that having...

News Releases

Baby feeding resource delivers peace of mind for new parents
URBANA, Ill. – New parents faced with the responsibility of caring for a baby often wonder how often to feed a newborn, when to wean babies from breastmilk or formula, when to introduce baby to solid foods, and whether homemade baby food is better than store-bought. Babies may not come...
Mobile app supports youth development on the go
Teachable moments come in all shapes and sizes. Now, when those unexpected moments occur, parents and educators can rely on the new Terrific Teachable Moments mobile app to help them take advantage in convenient and meaningful ways....