Baby feeding resource delivers peace of mind for new parents

URBANA, Ill. – New parents faced with the responsibility of caring for a baby often wonder how often to feed a newborn, when to wean babies from breastmilk or formula, when to introduce baby to solid foods, and whether homemade baby food is better than store-bought.

Babies may not come with a care manual, but Feeding My Baby, a comprehensive website developed by educators at University of Illinois Extension, delivers a collection of best practices for navigating feeding milestones so that any new parent can feed their baby with confidence at every stage.

 “We know that parents have a lot to figure out,” says Jenna Smith, nutrition and wellness educator with Illinois Extension. “It can be overwhelming for tired and busy new parents to sort through the multitude of resources available, so we’ve done the work to make that process easier.”

From food allergies to baby-led weaning, Illinois Extension’s Feeding My Baby website offers practical advice about nutritional needs and healthy feeding habits for babies. Parents can find trusted answers to common questions about feeding infants and learn about a variety of baby feeding topics, including:

  • Moving to solid foods
  • Preventing choking
  • Introducing new foods
  • Making and storing homemade baby food
  • Identifying possible food allergies
  • Knowing foods to avoid
  • Understanding baby-led weaning
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits

Parents and caregivers visiting the site at will find homemade baby food recipes, as well as healthy recipes for the whole family.

For more information or questions about the website, contact Jenna Smith, Extension nutrition and wellness educator, by email at or by phone at (309) 663-8306.

SOURCE: Jenna Smith, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, University of Illinois Extension

WRITER: Liz Smith, Media Communications Coordinator, University of Illinois Extension

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MEDIA: A promotional PDF with Feeding My Baby website information is available for download.