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red oak rain garden
Read article: Rain gardens offer standing-water solutions
Rain gardens offer standing-water solutions
A homeowner who is interested in eco-friendly gardening may want to consider incorporating a rain garden into their landscape. A rain garden is a...

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Be the first to use new drainage tools at August workshop
URBANA, Ill. – Managing land resources is a competing balance of environmental, economic, social, and life-sustaining issues in an ever-changing and ever-growing world. Land improvement practices play a key role in sustainable land management. University of Illinois Extension and the ...
A large open area being flooded
Slow stormwater, prevent floods with rain friendly landscaping
URBANA, Ill. – Life does not exist without water. Gardens don’t grow without water. But what happens when there is too much of a good thing? Or when that good thing is mismanaged and becomes a misfortune. Or when there are prolonged periods of drought? “The tale of stormwater is more...


Farm Management: Stand Pipe

Learn the purpose of the stand pipes you see in the middle of fields. The systems can sometimes go several miles. In central Illinois, many of these systems are aging.

Connect with Kevin Brooks, Illinois Extension Farm Business Management and Marketing Educator at ...