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Tornado touching down over green field and buildings
Read article: Tornado trends
Tornado trends
In today’s world, it appears that everyone has seen or experienced a tornado up close and personal, at least from all the video that is available on...
Soybeans growing in a field
Read article: USDA’s FPAC conservation mission
USDA’s FPAC conservation mission
Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation,...
Map of upper level winds on May 2, 2023 in Illinois
Read article: Has this spring in Illinois been windier than usual?
Has this spring in Illinois been windier than usual?
Earlier this week very strong winds blowing dust across a south central Illinois highway suddenly reduced visibility to just a few feet and resulted...
Thunderstorm clouds with lightning strike over rural area with corn fields.
Read article: What does the startling, sharp cracking sound of thunder mean?
What does the startling, sharp cracking sound of thunder mean?
While I was home from college one summer, an early morning thunderstorm passed over our farmhouse. I was in my room, trying to sleep through the...
Kale and kohlrabi seedlings in a garden center.
Read article: Frost dates and spring vegetable planting
Frost dates and spring vegetable planting
The past few weeks, we’ve had spectacular weather for gardening, which has really ramped up efforts across central Illinois in preparation for the...
Stormy clouds over country roads
Read article: What is atmospheric stability?
What is atmospheric stability?
As I reflect, it was Severe Weather Preparedness Week— March 6-10, 2023. We have already had severe weather this year, but it will become more...
fog covering over grassy area and small lake
Read article: No two fogs are the same
No two fogs are the same
We are bound to have fog from time to time. I still remember when I was in my late teens and insisted on going to see some friends when I could...
Raindrops hitting top of clear umbrella
Read article: Rolling on an atmospheric river and the Pineapple Express
Rolling on an atmospheric river and the Pineapple Express
California has recently been slammed with extreme rainfall and snow in the high elevations, along with high winds. Media have attributed these events...

News Releases

weather map of Illinois showing normal vs observed precipitation levels
Illinois at increased risk of drought conditions
Parts of northeast, western, and central Illinois have been much drier than normal in the past 4 to 6 weeks, causing dry soils and lower streamflow. Perennials, gardens, and young trees in these areas have begun to show some response to the dryness, requiring more frequent watering than typical...
Climate Series
Ready your agricultural operation for the changing climate
URBANA, Ill. – Weather trends are changing. Are you ready for how it will affect your agricultural operation or natural resources area? The Bi-State Climate monthly webinar series brings together Illinois and Indiana Extension experts to highlight important climate-related topics for...
bee on flower
Take small steps to improve, support the environment this winter
URBANA, Ill. – Widespread environmental issues like changing weather patterns and habitat loss can feel overwhelming, but small everyday choices make a difference. Explore sustainable maple syrup harvesting, tornado trends in the U.S., and what research says about how to support pollinators in...


Cover Crops and Gardens

There is a lot of talk about the use of cover crops in agricultural settings. What about in gardens? Duane Friend discusses cover crop use in gardens, its benefits, and field demonstrations of its potential.

Weather: Derecho

A rare but destructive wind can move over much of the United States during certain times. Watch this video to find out what a Derecho is.

Weather: Temperature Inversions

Temperature near Earth’s surface usually decreases the higher you go from the surface, but not always. Learn why there are times when temperature gets warmer at higher elevations.

Weather: Rain Shadow

The rain shadow effect is the reason why areas on opposite sides of a mountain can have drastically different climates.