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Expanding Crop Rotation Options and the Diverse Corn Belt Project

A more diverse Corn Belt starts with wider options for crop rotations.

Illinois and Indiana's farmers have the current corn and soybean rotation built into their operation, so what is holding them back from diversifying the crop selections?

The Diverse Corn Belt Project (#DCB) is a five-year, multi-disciplinary research project exploring opportunities beyond corn and soybeans and investigating the real-world impacts of diversified farming systems. With more than 30 research partners, the project seeks concrete options for diversification and understanding the agronomic, economic, social, infrastructure, and policy changes that could make them viable.

In this video explore how farmers, communities, the economy, and the environment can assist researchers in understanding challenges and constraints that currently make diversification difficult and the leverage points that could reduce those challenges.

Presenter: Emily Usher, project manager, Diverse Corn Belt Project at Purdue University.

This webinar was originally recorded on August 24, 2023.