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a weather map
Read article: An occluded front is the beginning of the end
An occluded front is the beginning of the end
Most people who read this blog know most of the symbols on a weather map, such as warm and cold fronts, high- and low-pressure areas, and stationary...
overview of local rain garden just planted
Read article: Keeping rain where it lands
Keeping rain where it lands
Rainwater is frequently treated like a waste product – gathered up, hustled off our yards, and into the nearest body of water. But instead, what if...
green and brown field under stormy and sunny sky
Read article: Mild winter puts plants in a precarious place
Mild winter puts plants in a precarious place
Illinois experienced its 2nd warmest winter on record, cooler only than 1932. The mild winter caused perennials to break dormancy and advance...
A bright lightning bolt striking down at a city
Read article: Does lightning produce gamma rays?
Does lightning produce gamma rays?
Many people like watching lightning when it’s off in the distance. If it’s close, it becomes a hazard. While fatalities from lightning have come down...

News Releases

A tornado in a field with a graphic of a warning sign with a tornado on it.
Help protect your community as a trained storm spotter
BENTON, Ill. – In preparation for peak weather season, Illinois Extension is partnering with the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency and the US National Weather Service-Paducah to offer storm...


Electrical Hazards During and After a Storm

It is important to prepare in advance for a severe storm or natural disaster. Gathering emergency kit items, having a communication plan in place and knowing when, how and where to take shelter saves lives. It is easy to be complacent about storms or think that they won’t strike close to home....

Caught in a Storm: Lightning Safety

As the sun heats the air, energy is created with air movement, and lightning typically comes from towering storm clouds. Fortunately, accidents involving lightning are very avoidable. Safe Electricity has the following suggestions to stay safe from the dangers of lightning:

  • There...


Duane Friend

Duane Friend

State Master Naturalist Coordinator and Climate Change Specialist