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Blooms on American Witch Hazel
Read article: Witch Hazel: A late-blooming beauty with fascinating history
Witch Hazel: A late-blooming beauty with fascinating history
Flowers are getting fewer and further between as the fall season transitions to winter. In my garden, aromatic aster (Symphyotrichum...
Managing fire blight at home. Apple tree shoot infected with fire blight. Shot is brown and the tip has curled down forming a shepherds crook.
Read article: Managing fire blight in apples and pears at home
Managing fire blight in apples and pears at home
Apples and pears are popular trees to grow for people interested in growing their own fruit. However, they aren't without any problems. A variety of...
The weight of winter: snow and ice on trees image of ice on dormant tree branches
Read article: The weight of winter: Snow and ice on trees
The weight of winter: Snow and ice on trees
I write this article as I look out at a snow-covered landscape and give thanks for the warmth of my office. It is during these days that I’m reminded...
Read article: Holly: A native holiday decoration
Holly: A native holiday decoration
Hollies are common landscape plants and even more common holiday decorations that belong to the incredibly diverse genus Ilex which contains over 400...

News Releases

amur honeysuckle
Invasive and Nuisance Plants Workshop Offered in Freeport
FREEPORT, Ill-----Fall can be a suitable time to address some landscape plant issues. Woody plants and other perennials can best be managed during the fall. If you have noticed some plant types are taking over your landscape, this is the time to exercise some control for a better next year,...
Planted shrubs lined up along a fence.
Build privacy with plants for secret gardens
URBANA, Ill. — Plants serve a lot of purposes in the landscape. One of which is to add some privacy. Screening plants can help define and give purpose to a space. Homeowners may wish to screen a particular area or transparency in the landscape, creating interest in what lies beyond.  ...
lilacs in bloom
Lilac Care and Pruning
University of Illinois Extension is offering a workshop on basic care and pruning of lilacs, just in time for homeowners to learn what to do at this time of the summer to ensure full blooms next spring. Extension Master Gardener Michael Iacomini will be presenting this program on Thursday, June...
Some trees weather wet soils, floods better than others
URBANA, Ill. – The splendor of trees and shrubs comes from what is above ground, but don’t forget about what lies beneath. Poorly drained areas, easily identified after a downpour of rain, are not suitable for some trees or shrubs. “Soil plays a vital role in the survival of trees and...