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Personal Protective Equipment and Sprayer
Read article: Maintaining personal protective equipment
Maintaining personal protective equipment
At this time of year, when pesticides are commonly being used, it is important to take the time to properly clean and maintain Personal Protective...
school football field
Read article: New pesticide laws around schools
New pesticide laws around schools
Illinois pesticide applicators should familiarize themselves with two new laws that restrict pesticide applications around schools. The intent of...
test answer sheet and pencil
Read article: Certification exam preparation: tips and accommodations
Certification exam preparation: tips and accommodations
Taking a test can be stressful, but with the right guidance and state of mind, you can set yourself up to be better prepared. The University of...
Example of registration ticket
Read article: Quicker check-in process for Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program clinics
Quicker check-in process for Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program clinics
If you plan to attend a University of Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program training clinic...

News Releases

A tree buried by grade change during construction causing a hole around it.
Protect trees and their roots during construction projects
URBANA, Ill. — While essential for development, construction projects often damage trees and their intricate root systems. Even the beautiful trees that are sitting on a site and desired to be kept following construction can become damaged and later experience decline....
Person outside in the hot sun gardening while wiping forehead of sweat.
Recognizing heat-related warning signs for gardeners and landscapers
URBANA, Ill. — Landscaping and gardening are great physical exercises, and studies show they are good for emotional well-being. But those working outside must remain aware of the dangers associated with heat stress on their bodies. “When I was working as a landscaper, we had to sod a...
A white tailed deer crosses a road in fall
Stay alert for deer behind the wheel in fall
URBANA, Ill. — Deer are more active in the fall and drivers should be cautious when traveling after dark. While accidents can happen at any time of year, most deer-vehicle incidents occur between dusk and dawn during the months of October, November, and December. Drivers should slow down...


Electrical Hazards During and After a Storm

It is important to prepare in advance for a severe storm or natural disaster. Gathering emergency kit items, having a communication plan in place and knowing when, how and where to take shelter saves lives. It is easy to be complacent about storms or think that they won’t strike close to home....

Caught in a Storm: Lightning Safety

As the sun heats the air, energy is created with air movement, and lightning typically comes from towering storm clouds. Fortunately, accidents involving lightning are very avoidable. Safe Electricity has the following suggestions to stay safe from the dangers of lightning:

  • There...