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Image of blood pressure reading with 174 systolic and 95 diastolic. Sitting on a chart showing a blood pressure trend going downward. Also in image is a pair of glasses and a bottle of medication.
Read article: Do you have heart disease?
Do you have heart disease?
When teaching classes on heart-healthy living, I commonly ask by show of hands, who has heart disease? Interstingingly, not everyone raises their...
Gray background with two pink hearts side by side
Read article: Celebrate love and prevent heart disease
Celebrate love and prevent heart disease
February is not only the shortest month of the year but is also considered the month of love by many. Whether you express that love by fostering...
cup of tea, flowers and books on a table
Read article: How to manage the winter blues
How to manage the winter blues
Winter is upon us and those longer hours of darkness coupled with the colder temperatures can make many people experience those “winter blues.” I...
Prevent falls, eat less salt image, person salting driveway, person shoveling snow, people walking in snow boots on ice, citrus fruit and apple cider, healthy holiday meal with asparagus
Read article: Prevent falls this winter
Prevent falls this winter
Winter signals the changing of yet another season. As the temperatures drop and snow blankets the landscape, snow and cold weather lovers embrace all...
Two people talking and holding hands
Read article: Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month in November
Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month in November
We all know someone who is providing care for someone else. They may be caring for an older parent, a disabled adult child, or a spouse suffering...
person writing on paper with pen
Read article: What's on your plate?
What's on your plate?
Have you ever heard someone say, “There’s a lot on my plate,” or “I have too much on my plate?”  Chances are you have even said it yourself.  This...
Man and boy fishing together at pond
Read article: Generations can learn from each other
Generations can learn from each other
With social isolation having such negative consequences on people and seeming to have increased especially with the COVID pandemic, I thought it...
Images of vitamin D rich foods dairy, mushrooms and fatty fish, sunshine vitamin, plate setting, University logo and watermark
Read article: Vitamin D: Prevent muscle loss as you age
Vitamin D: Prevent muscle loss as you age
Aging well is a goal for many, as it allows us to enjoy all life has to offer well into our golden year. When it comes to aging well, like many...

News Releases

Senior program addresses social connectiveness
MARION, Ill. – Research increasingly shows that social isolation and loneliness can deeply impact the quality of life, especially for older adults. And some studies show that more than 20% of adults in the United States identify as lonely, isolated, or both. Join Family Life Educator ...
Improve well-being, health with 5 life lessons
URBANA, Ill. – Continued learning through all stages of life helps us to thrive physically, mentally, and financially. No matter your age, learn valuable life lessons in five monthly workshops which continue a tradition of supporting Illinois residents and communities with relevant and easy-to-...
Get new tools for healthy aging at IL Extension's June 28 webinar
The key to aging successfully is all about remaining vital, not about staying young. There are many ways we can add quality to our years and make the most of the precious time we have. It’s never too late to make your health and wellness a priority. Join Kristin Bogdonas, University of Illinois...