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Certified Livestock Manager

Certified Livestock Manager

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Person holding two chickens and smiling at the camera in a chicken coop.
Register for a local 2024 Certified Livestock Manager Training session
URBANA, Ill. — Depending on an operation’s size, livestock manager training certification is required for many Illinois production livestock facilities. Having certified individuals on staff strengthens an operation through shared knowledge and building conversations with individuals responsible...
Feedlot steers
University of Illinois Extension and Illinois Department of Agriculture announced the 2024 Certified Livestock Manager Training Workshop (CLMT) schedule. The series of seven in-person workshops will kick off on January 30 in Springfield and conclude on February 8 in Pittsfield. These workshops...
Livestock managers may complete certification on Extension website
URBANA, Ill – According to the Livestock Management Facilities Act, livestock facilities in Illinois that house more than 300 animal units are required to have at least one certified livestock manager. The certificate is administered by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and is valid for...
2020 CLMT Workshops
  2020 Certified Livestock Manager Training Workshops Offered The 2020 Certified Livestock Manager Training workshops, held in 10 locations throughout the state, will begin January 8, 2020, in Effingham and conclude February 26, 2020, in Springfield.  The University of Illinois...


Grazing Cornstalks


Travis Meteer, Illinois Extension Beef Educator, discusses why grazing cornstalks is a low cost, readily available forage makes sense and money.