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Cover Crops

Cover Crops

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Clover plants in a field
Read article: Uncovering the power of clover cover
Uncovering the power of clover cover
Interested in diversifying your cover crop mix or exploring the power of clover cover? Episode 61 of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction podcast...
rapeseed and crimson clover cover crops growing in a field
Read article: Cover Crop Update
Cover Crop Update
Fall Cover Crop Mixtures With spring weather pushing growth, our cover crops are also taking off as well.  I had some early fall...
green asparagus spear growing from ground
Read article: Southwestern Illinois (Waterloo) Update: Spring is Abound
Southwestern Illinois (Waterloo) Update: Spring is Abound
We have been on the typical March roller coaster for weather lately.  We have generally been fairly mild but have gone from a few days around 80°F to...
small green seedlings in black trays
Read article: Dixon Spring Update: Caterpillar tunnel added for cool season crops
Dixon Spring Update: Caterpillar tunnel added for cool season crops
The latest addition to the demonstration tunnels at the Dixon Springs Ag Center is a caterpillar tunnel. The site was selected late last summer and...

News Releases

corn field in front with strip planting in background of rolling hills and some woodlands
Soil Health to be discussed at Northwest Illinois Agronomy Summit
Is building soil health while maintaining crop yields possible in Northern Climates? Over the past five years, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been exploring the possibilities of incorporating reduced tillage and winter rye into corn and soybean crop rotations. This work has proven very...
Person bent down on one knee checking soil in a no-till farm field.
Agriculture field day set to explore, address carbon market questions
URBANA, Ill. — The carbon market is an emerging entity and buzzword in the agriculture industry. Every day, different programs are being presented to farmers, landowners, and researchers, creating a lot of questions around carbon and farm operations. “It is a vital time to bring...
Crowd watching a drone seeding a field.
Digital agriculture, cutting-edge technology: Transforming farming practices
GALVA, Ill. — On a crisp fall day, a gathering of 47 dedicated producers and conservation professionals convened at Brian Corkill's farm just outside of Galva for an enlightening session on the future of agriculture. Dennis Bowman, a digital agriculture specialist from the University of Illinois...


Cover Crops and Gardens

There is a lot of talk about the use of cover crops in agricultural settings. What about in gardens? Duane Friend discusses cover crop use in gardens, its benefits, and field demonstrations of its potential.