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Why are there holes in my roses? Roseslugs. Roseslug larva feeding on the leaf of a rose.
Read article: Why are there holes in my roses? Roseslugs
Why are there holes in my roses? Roseslugs
Roses are grown in many gardens for their large, showy, often fragrant flowers. If you grow roses, you may have noticed something eating the leaves...
overview of local rain garden just planted
Read article: Keeping rain where it lands
Keeping rain where it lands
Rainwater is frequently treated like a waste product – gathered up, hustled off our yards, and into the nearest body of water. But instead, what if...
No Mow May. It’s almost May; is it time to stop mowing? Lawn mower in a yard with blooming dandelions
Read article: It’s almost May; is it time to stop mowing?
It’s almost May; is it time to stop mowing?
Did you notice people’s lawns getting a little long last May? No Mow May has become a popular way to help pollinators. No Mow May began in the...
Chromatic cohesion: the power of analogous colors steps on walkway framed by flowers of red and pink
Read article: Chromatic cohesion: the power of analogous colors
Chromatic cohesion: the power of analogous colors
A few weeks ago, we began a discussion about color. We started with complementary colors, those that are opposite of each other on the color wheel....

News Releases

Yellow and grey Cedar waxwing bird in an evergreen.
Bring birds close to home by gardening for feathered friends
URBANA, Ill. — People plant gardens for food, flowers, and function, but planting for the birds can be beautiful and beneficial to the environment. What if instead of storebought bird seed in a feeder, gardens could include a buffet of different foods for birds while also being a beautiful...
View of various green plants growing in a backyard garden.
Tips for getting landscape plants through summer
URBANA, Ill. — While much of the work done in the garden happens in the spring, that doesn’t mean growers can coast through summer. Supplemental watering, weeding, and managing pests will go a long way to keep landscapes growing through the summer. WaterAs...
A monarch butterfly on a yellow-eyed Susan flower bloom.
Provide resources to pollinators in any space with container gardens
URBANA, Ill. — Supporting pollinators has become increasingly important as concerns over pollinator population decline are more evident. The good news is that even small spaces can provide resources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Container gardens are one solution for...
A ruby-throated hummingbird visiting a purple blazing prairie star plant.
Gardening for a hummingbird's travels
URBANA, Ill. — Hummingbirds are unlike any other bird. Spanning the Americas with over 330 species, hummingbirds belong to Trochilidae, the second-largest bird family in the world. However, only the ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) inhabits the Midwest....


Themed Gardens: Design with Kids in Mind


Foster the love of gardening with the youth in your life by creating theme gardens. Join Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator Brittnay Haag as she shares ideas and tips for creating a special place for your young, hands-on learner to grow, explore, and be creative. Whether it’...

Spring Ephemerals: Four Seasons Gardening

Restore healthy ephemerals. These bulbs get their name because of their quick appearance in the environment in the early spring, flowering even before leaves have fully grown on deciduous trees. Horticulture Educator Gemini Bhalsod guides you through the interesting diversity of spring...