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Diversity Equity Inclusion

Diversity Equity Inclusion

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2023 ISPP Scholar MC Anderson stands by IBHE sign
Read article: In her own words: Maria Cynthia (MC) Anderson
In her own words: Maria Cynthia (MC) Anderson
As an ISPP Scholar, Maria Cynthia (MC) Anderson is appointed with the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Her work is...
2023 ISPP Scholar Patrobas with Illinois Lieutenant Governor, Juliana Stratton
Read article: In his own words: Sirabo Patrobas Wafula
In his own words: Sirabo Patrobas Wafula
As an ISPP Scholar, Sirabo Patrobas Wafula is appointed with the Illinois Office of...
2022 ISPP Scholars stand with President Killeen, College of ACES Admin and PepisCo Director of Gov Affairs, Armando Saleh
Read article: December? Already!
December? Already!
If only the days on the calendar slowed to match my to-do list, more blogs would be written, more work would get done. But here we are and it’s...
2023 ISPP Scholar Alicia L. Ross Profile Image
Read article: In her own words: Alicia L. Ross
In her own words: Alicia L. Ross
As an ISPP Scholar, Alicia V. Ross is appointed with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic...

News Releases

diverse group of people on the sandy shore of a lake
5 takeaways to advance diversity, equity, inclusion in watershed management
URBANA, Ill.  – Achieving clean water goals requires the inclusion of diverse views and considering the equity of impacts and solutions; yet, underrepresented communities don’t always have a voice in watershed planning efforts. At a symposium as part of a 2022 Climate Intersections...
University of Illinois Students present design ideas for Peoria
U of I students share ideas to improve Peoria’s southside neighborhood
PEORIA, Ill. – Every minute of every day, our health is affected by the physical design of our homes, schools, workplaces, and indoor/outdoor community spaces. During the spring semester, University of Illinois Extension facilitated a sustained engagement between residents and community leaders...