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aerial view of a field
Read article: Farm Drones: Getting a bird's eye view to increase yields
Farm Drones: Getting a bird's eye view to increase yields
As a teenager, one of my farm duties was cultivating the weeds out of the corn and soybeans. I preferred to drive our bigger tractor because it was...
corn tar spot
Read article: Corn tar spot disease monitoring in Illinois
Corn tar spot disease monitoring in Illinois
Tar spot on corn is here to stay in Illinois. Given that the pathogen that causes tar spot on corn can overwinter in infected residue, once the...
Corn Field
Read article: How does corn affect Midwest weather?
How does corn affect Midwest weather?
As I write this article, corn has tasseled on about 80% of fields in Central Illinois. Apologies to those with corn pollen allergies! Corn, just...
Young corn plants in the field
Read article: Spring weather affecting crops, markets
Spring weather affecting crops, markets
If you have been watching cornfields in Central Illinois, you may have noticed that the young corn plants have changed colors over the past couple of...

News Releases

red barn in a corn field
New conference aimed to educate current and future farmland owners
EAST PEORIA, Ill. - Owning farmland is a large responsibility and may come with a steep learning curve for some. In today’s world, a lot of farmland is farmed by one person, maybe managed by another person, and owned by a third person. It is important for those land owners to build solid...
Aaron Hager standing in soybean field surrounded by the weed waterhemp
Tank-mixing herbicides may not be enough to avoid herbicide resistance
URBANA, Ill. — Eight years ago, University of Illinois and USDA-ARS scientists turned weed control on its head. More and more herbicide resistant weeds were popping up, and the pest plants were getting harder to kill. It was clear farmers could no longer rely on the same chemicals year after...
sweet corn
Sweet corn sweltering in summer heat spells uncertainty for corn lovers
URBANA, Ill. – Few things say summer in America more than buttery corn on the cob, but as summer temperatures climb to unprecedented levels, the future of sweet corn may not be so sweet. New University of Illinois research shows sweet corn yields drop significantly with extreme heat during...


Farm Management: Planting Two Corn Varieties at the Same Time

Ride along with Kevin Brooks as he interviews the farmer as he plants two different varieties of corn at the same time. There are many factors that go into making that decision: weather, insect, production, yield.

Connect with Kevin Brooks, Illinois Extension Farm Business Management and...