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Read article: Do you find debt distressing?
Do you find debt distressing?
Does the thought of debt make you feel stressed or anxious? You are not alone if that is the case. Debt is linked to financial worry and lower life...
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Read article: Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
If you have been experiencing stiffness, pain, and a decreased range of motion or flexibility in and around your joints, you may have osteoarthritis...
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Read article: Finding financial balance
Finding financial balance
Money is a topic that impacts almost everyone. Learning what you value and how to balance your individual wants and needs with your available...
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Read article: Let’s find your financial balance
Let’s find your financial balance
Money is a topic that impacts almost everyone. Money is necessary for basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. Once basic needs are met,...

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Group of yellow and purple perennial plants.
Four Seasons Gardening series ushers in the fall season with care
URBANA, Ill. — As seasons shift, take care and fall into gardening with ease. Find healing, growth, and how adding a little planning keeps the mind going and growing. Explore how to keep the season alive with tips for dividing perennials, continuing self-growth, and healing with time...
An older woman smiling
Learn essential tips for a better aging life experience
As people age, they face many changes and challenges, from losing loved ones to declining health and independence. That's why it's essential to give them the meaning they need to live this stage of life with dignity. The University of Illinois Extension...
charcuterie board
Building Your Own Healthy Charcuterie Board
The charcuterie season is upon us. Fall celebrations and football all include enjoying food with friends and family. Join Illinois Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator Susan Glassman for a fun-filled hour. Gain a new insight. Learn to map and build your signature charcuterie board. Swap the...
Elexus Gray teaching two students
Strong SNAP-Ed partnerships lead to increased impact
LEWISTOWN, Ill. - Building strong relationships with partners in the community is crucial for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—Education (SNAP-Education) program. These relationships can lead to opportunities to provide additional nutrition programming, which will further the impact...