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youth participating in a livestock judging contest
Read article: Livestock judging helps youth gain skills for a lifetime
Livestock judging helps youth gain skills for a lifetime
“I’ve got 23 members going today,” was the text message I woke up to just the other day. It was from one of my volunteer livestock judging coaches...
crows roosting in tree tops at dusk with moon rising in background
Read article: Crows come home to roost
Crows come home to roost
When I sat down to write this blog, I didn’t have a clear topic in my mind. So, I did what I usually do when I want to think and looked out my office...
animal scat on a gravel surface
Read article: Scat Chat: What animal droppings can tell us
Scat Chat: What animal droppings can tell us
We call anything an animal leaves behind a sign. It could be a broken branch, a footprint, a scrape on the ground or tree, a nest or other home,...
Cottontail rabbit babies in nest.
Read article: Wildlife Babies
Wildlife Babies
Spring is the season of new beginnings. Wildlife baby season in Illinois starts as early as February when great horned owls lay their...

News Releases

three chickens staring at each other
Carroll County 4-H to Host Poultry Workshop on June 2
Milledgeville, Ill. – Carroll County 4-H is excited to announce its upcoming Poultry Workshop scheduled for June 2, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the Carroll County Fairgrounds in Milledgeville. All youth ages 8 and older are invited to attend. There is no cost for this workshop....
young man, woman and man looking at mobile phone in field with cows in background
Webinar series for Beginners in Livestock Ownership set to begin January 11
The Livestock Production and Principles for Beginners Webinar Series returns in 2024. This monthly series, first launched in 2023, addresses the needs of those who are getting started, exploring the concept of, or even assists those currently raising livestock. With a focus on helping those who...



Travis Burke

Travis Burke

Assistant Dean, Agriculture/Agri-Business Program Leader