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crows roosting in tree tops at dusk with moon rising in background
Read article: Crows come home to roost
Crows come home to roost
When I sat down to write this blog, I didn’t have a clear topic in my mind. So, I did what I usually do when I want to think and looked out my office...
animal scat on a gravel surface
Read article: Scat Chat: What animal droppings can tell us
Scat Chat: What animal droppings can tell us
We call anything an animal leaves behind a sign. It could be a broken branch, a footprint, a scrape on the ground or tree, a nest or other home,...
Cottontail rabbit babies in nest.
Read article: Wildlife Babies
Wildlife Babies
Spring is the season of new beginnings. Wildlife baby season in Illinois starts as early as February when great horned owls lay their eggs and frogs...
monarch butterfly resting on a finger
Read article: At-Home Science for Kids: Raising butterflies and more!
At-Home Science for Kids: Raising butterflies and more!
Like a lot of parents right now in the US, we have decided to homeschool our children. Right now, I’m trying to remember what in the heck did I do in...
dog and cat cuddling
Read article: Pets: Care, Costs, & Cuddles
Pets: Care, Costs, & Cuddles
For as long as I can remember, we’ve always had a furry companion in my household. Whether it was a cat, dog, bird, or fish, having a pet as a...
photo of dog
Read article: Keep your fur friends happy when you return to work
Keep your fur friends happy when you return to work
Working from home has come with many adjustments, not only for human, but also for our "fur friend" pets at home. ...

News Releases

2022 ACES Funk Awards recipients recognized
URBANA, Ill. – Each year the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences recognizes faculty, staff, and graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements or exceptional service to the college. The awards program was established in 1970 by the Paul A. Funk...
Youth meet and learn about miniature donkeys at fun 4-H event
MONTICELLO, Ill. – Miniature donkeys are smart and can be trained to do tricks and maneuver through obstacle courses. Did you also know that they are very social and bond with other horses and livestock? These small creatures with big personalities are farmyard ambassadors, and Piatt County 4-H...
Avocado meal, a novel fiber source for dogs
URBANA, Ill. – When avocados were first recognized as a nutrient-dense superfood for humans, consumption skyrocketed. Today, consumers buy and eat the fresh fruit (hello, avocado toast),...