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Feeding bees with syrup through the hive inner cover
Read article: Prepare your bees for winter
Prepare your bees for winter
When temperatures start getting cold in late fall, it's time to make those last-minute preparations that help your bees have the best chance of...

News Releases

HCE sponsors free presentation on bees with local Master Naturalist
YORKVILLE, Ill. – Do bees hibernate in the winter? Why is a swarm a good thing for the colony? How important is pollination for our food supply? Get answers to these and many other buzz-worthy questions in a fun, informative presentation by beekeeper and University of Illinois Extension Master...
Mason Bees Workshop
Stress from chemicals and loss of habitat can put pressure on native bee populations. There are a variety of ways we can help support the native bee population. Join University of Illinois Extension staff to learn more about Mason Bees, create a simple bee hotel and learn the most effective ways...