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Embrace eco-friendly yards with Conservation@Home in West Central Illinois

Conservation at Home sign in a flower garden

Conservation@Home is making its way to our region, thanks to the collaborative efforts of University of Illinois Extension, Conservation Foundation, and the Fulton County Farm Bureau. 

What exactly is Conservation@Home, and how can you become a certified yard? 

Conservation@Home is a program dedicated to transforming the "typical" yard into a haven that champions eco-friendliness. This program is all about empowering you to create landscapes that minimize water run-off, boost wildlife habitats, and nurture healthier soil. 

By embracing this program, you're stepping into a world of benefits that ripple through your environment. You'll cut down on water usage, invite more birds and butterflies to your space, reduce chemical reliance, and even find yourself spending less time on the lawnmower. Information on invasive species management, a crucial aspect of maintaining your property's ecological balance, is another important component of this program. 

Everyone can play a role.

It all begins with simple yet impactful choices in your home landscape. Swap out some turf grass for stunning native plants that thrive in our climate. Consider installing a rain barrel or two for efficient use of water resources and reduce or eliminate chemical usage. 

Now, let's get you on the path to becoming Conservation@Home certified. The first step is to head over to Fill out the online form, and our Extension staff will be in touch to get you started. 

Feeling curious and eager to learn more?

Reach out to our U of I Extension, Fulton County office at 309-547-3711. Discover how you can bring Conservation@Home to your very own property. 

Join us in paving the way for eco-conscious yards that celebrate nature and sustainability. Let's make a positive impact, one yard at a time!