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Disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness

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a tornado off in the distance surrounded by dark gray clouds
Read article: Is Illinois part of a new tornado alley?
Is Illinois part of a new tornado alley?
As of mid-September of this year, guess which state has had the most tornadoes for the year. Texas?  Kansas? Oklahoma? Alabama? Nope, it’s Illinois...
Tornado touching down over green field and buildings
Read article: Tornado trends
Tornado trends
In today’s world, it appears that everyone has seen or experienced a tornado up close and personal, at least from all the video that is available on...
lightning storm
Read article: Be ready for severe weather
Be ready for severe weather
Spring is the time of year that we pay more attention to the weather. Whether we are watching the television, listening to the radio, checking our...
man shoveling snow with poor form
Read article: Prevent post-shoveling aches and pains
Prevent post-shoveling aches and pains
It’s officially winter which means snowfall is imminent! There are an estimated 11,500 snow shovel-related injuries and medical emergencies a year....

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Disaster preparedness kit
Preparing youth is one strategy for community disaster preparedness
URBANA, Ill. – Fueled in part by the public’s recent interest in the coronavirus (COVID-19), disaster preparedness is a topic that is top-of-mind for many people these days. As communities grapple with questions about how to prepare for and respond to a public health crisis, many leaders and...