Web Application Development Services

The Extension Web team develops and supports business applications and web sites. Web Sites and Web Application support consists of desiging and building web sites and web applications, fixing problems if any, providing usage statistics, and reporting.

What we do

Web application design, development, and support

  • Extension Content Management System (extension.illinois.edu) 
  • Extension Registration System
  • Volunteer Hours Reporting System
  • Staff Intranet (my.extension.illinois.edu)
  • Business and Financial application (Daily Travel Log System and Bank Reconciliation Reporting system)
  • More than 200 Extension Subject matter websites
  • Customer Relations Management System (Coming soon)
  • Learning Management System (learn.extension.illinois.edu)

Decision support and data reporting services

  • Data Reporting system via Tableau and Google Analytics
  • Program Evaluation And Reporting System (PEARS) Support 
  • Data consultation for insights analysis

Online learning development and delivery

  • Online Course design and development
  • Learning Management system user support
  • Learning Management system administration

How to request

Requests for webpages or websites 

New websites or webpage additions must be approved by the program leader for the content area and county director or regional director of the requesting staff member(s). Website and webpage requests must demonstrate that the suggested content does not already exist on the Extension domain, and must clearly outline the purpose, goals, audience, functions, and expected lifetime of the requested site or page.

Once all the approval requirement is completed, send your request to: go.illinois.edu/MarketingRequest

Requests for access

Website content or code access can be requested via IT help desk. Send an email to IT help desk with the specific request along with an approval in writing from the program leader, principle investigator, or county director responsible for the website in question.

Requests for new features

Staff can request if a website is not meeting functional needs, staff can request new functions or features by using the help desk ticketing system. Request for new features will be evaluated by the web development team for impact, ease of implementation, and overall workload and will communicate will all stakeholders before any new feature is approved for development.

Mobile App development

The Extension web development team does not develop mobile apps at this time. If there is a need for an iOS or Android app to be developed, the web development team will act as the consulting project manager and assist in publishing the apps to Google Play store and Apple store.

3rd party Website Development

It’s understood that the Extension web development team cannot meet all project development needs and deadlines due to limited resources. For immediate project development needs, the Extension Web Development team will act as a consulting project manager to help find and vet the 3rd party web developers. You will be required to secure funding and follow the required technical and branding requirements guides. Regardless of development source, websites must conform to standards for WCAG 2.0 Accessibility, University of Illinois and Extension web standards and branding guidelines, and on premise hosting and technical support models.