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Our Illinois 4-H Story

Ways youth can celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

map of asia with the text "asian american pacific islander heritage month"

May is Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! Here are some ideas of how you and your club can get involved!


Learn more about AAPI Month, why it is celebrated, and its history and impact at the official Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month site. Check out their virtual exhibits and collections tab.


We can learn a lot through film and cinema. Choose movies to watch that help celebrate the AAPI culture and experience. Host a viewing party with your club or friends! Head to the Future Innovators site for a list of recommendations.


Choose a service project for yourself or your club that benefits a non-profit that serves the Asian/Pacific American community!


Check out a book written by an AAPI author! Ask for recommendations at your local library or find recommendations on the One Book One World site. Make it a mini book club and discuss your pick with friends or at your club!


Uplift and support AAPI businesses! Learn more from the United Chinese America Illinois Chapter.


Prepare a traditional AAPI recipe for dinner; this can include Hawaiian, Asian, or Pacific Islander foods. Make it as authentic as possible by researching the dish's origin and different versions of the recipe. Ask for recipe books or resources at your local library.

Get Involved

Partner with a group in your area that supports the AAPI community. Find out what you can do to volunteer and help lift up the voice of the organization!

Ready for more?  Here are some great support AAPI materials like social media posts, fliers, activities, and more!

AUTHOR: Arsema Tesfai, University of Illinois Extension, with special thanks to Brian Meadows, Center for Future Innovators & Chicago 4-H International and Ren Li, President of Cornerstone Education and Board Member of United Chinese American IL.