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Our Illinois 4-H Story

Three tips for fighting youth food insecurity on school breaks

fresh food on a table

Spring breaks have come to a close and summer breaks are on the horizon. While undeniably a time for fun and relaxation, spring break can also bring challenges to people struggling with food insecurity. The absence of school lunches, coupled with the impossible task for some parents of taking time off from work to watch their newly-freed children, makes school breaks a particularly trying time. As you make plans to celebrate your holiday from school, consider making time to help those in need. Here are three simple steps to take to make sure your break from school is both fun and productive. 

Donate food

Many families rely on school lunches to provide one meal a day, five days a week. Over spring break, these meals are not available. Donations to local food pantries can help fix this problem.

Volunteer at food pantries

Donating your time in addition to food is a great way to make sure that the right meals get to the right people. Ask your local food pantry what other ways you can help them outside of food donations. 

Ask your friends to help

One of the best things you can do to help families in need is to get your friends and family involved. The actions of a single person can be helpful, but the actions of a group can have a much larger impact for those unsure of where they will find their next meal.

If you complete one or more of the steps listed above, you can help to ensure that all families have a fun and relaxing school break.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Holmes is a sophomore in high school in Cook County. For the past eight of his sixteen years, Daniel has been a 4-H club member. In this time he has cycled through many different offices within his club, the Creative Clovers. Daniel is eager to work alongside his 4-H peers to fight food insecurity in the state of Illinois.