Gardening Tips on YouTube

When you need advice from a gardening expert but a trip to the gardening store isn't convenient, check out the University of Illinois Extension channel on YouTube.

Visit for practical advice on a wide variety of gardening topics and more.

"Everything from pruning to mulching to specific varieties of plants, trees and shrubs is covered on the site," said Jane Scherer, U of I Extension urban programs specialist and director of its websites.

Scherer says that there are several new additions to the U of I Extension YouTUbe Channel for spring 2014.

Duane Friend, extension educator in energy and environment, has created a new animated weather video on Hail that discusses how hail is formed.

Greg Stack, retired horticulture educator, has done some videos on winter damage to lawns, trees and shrubs and roses.

Mary Liz Wright, nutrition and wellness educator, has recorded a series of videos on home food preservation.

"This is up-to-date information that reflects growing conditions in Illinois," Scherer explained. "The videos provide quick summaries of a particular topic and what the home gardener can do."

Scherer noted that the videos are prepared by U of Extension horticulture specialists and educators.

The most popular video this season is "What is wrong with my tomato plant?" But there are videos on just about every imaginable question faced by the home gardener or landscaper, she added.

"We also have videos that take food growing to the next level," says Scherer. Mary Liz Wright, Extension Educator, Nutrition has a series called What's Cooking with Mary Liz Wright. She currently has 14 videos on various cooking and food preparation practices.

Visit the University of Illinois Extension YouTube channel today to learn something new.