Facebook Plant Questions

As many of you know I use social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to spread my horticultural messages. For several months I've been posting a plant-of-the-day on my personal and ILRiverHort Facebook Pages during the 6 pm hour. Many of these posts have generated plant questions. Here are a few recent examples.

Picture of a sweet potato vine tuber. Question…"Can I keep these from my sweet potato plants?" My reply…Are they ornamental vines or the ones you eat? Regardless, you should be able to save them for planting next spring. http://extension.illinois.edu/tropicalpunch.

Picture of herbs drying indoors. Question…"So i should just bring my pot of basil inside and keep it growing all winter. What about fennel?" My reply…If you have a bright window, the basil might continue to grow inside. It is really easy to grow from seed, though, so you might just start some new plants. For fennel, it depends on what type it is. The herb one would grow inside easier than the bulb type. http://extension.illinois.edu/herbs.

Picture of bull thistle in a lawn. Question…"So how can I control it?" My reply…This website gives great information about controlling broadleaf weeds in a lawn. http://extension.illinois.edu/lawntalk.

Picture of a pin oak acorn. Question…"What is causing white oak leaves to be turning brown Rhonda?" My reply…There are lots of possible reasons, some more serious than others. This factsheet explains more. http://bit.ly/1Wlpkg4

Picture of red raspberry with the caption, prune out raspberry canes that fruited this past year. Question…"That include my black raspberry?" My reply…Yes, black and red raspberries. This explains more about pruning raspberries. http://extension.illinois.edu/fruit.

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