Causes of Stress

Why are people stressed?

Stress can be caused by pleasant and tragic events. Changes in routine can cause stress. Any change, whether it be positive or negative changes a person’s stress levels. People have the tendency to feel comfortable with what they know and what they have experienced and so when something changes, the stress hormone, cortisol, is secreted at higher levels. Changes a person experiences can contribute to increased stress.

Life changes 

  • Relationships – Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Breakups
  • Birth of or adopting a child
  • Death of a loved one
  • Moving homes
  • Serious illness (yours or a loved one)
  • Planning a milestone celebration (graduations, showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)

Work and School changes

  • Starting or transferring to a new job or school
  • Losing a job, getting a promotion at work, or experiencing a change in workload
  • New boss, teacher, or peers

Societal issues

  • Community violence
  • Political climate
  • Pandemics
  • Social Injustices
  • Traffic
  • Economy

Stress can also be caused by the notion that one does not have time for every task that needs to be done. Many times, people overcommit themselves, procrastinate, or lack time management skills so they become overwhelmed by daily tasks, projects, and activities. This unnecessary stress can be eased with proper planning, prioritizing, delegating, or simply saying no to requests for help.

Stress can also be caused by day to day activities such as completing household chores or driving especially during rush hour traffic. A person’s surroundings can also cause stress. Loud noises or cluttered spaces are common reasons why people feel stressed. It is important to determine what causes stress in order to address it. Although many times events are unavoidable, proper planning and asking for help can ease the stress that these changes may cause.