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High Tunnels at DSAC

High Tunnel Production Field Day

County: Pope

More Illinois specialty crop growers are planting in high tunnels to benefit from the extended growing season, increased crop diversity, higher yields, and improved quality. But high tunnels come…

A person holding their knee in pain while standing in a farm field.

Illinois Injury Surveillance Efforts

Cultivating Caution: A Monthly Guide to Farm Safety and Health Webinar Series
Discover how ag data tracking drives injury-preventative initiatives.

Explore the available agriculture-related injury and illness tracking programs active in Illinois. This session will cover data…

Permaculture on a Postage Stamp

Permaculture on a Postage Stamp

Presented by the Vermilion County Master Gardeners
County: Vermilion

Are you ready to transform your tiny yard into a thriving oasis of sustainability? Join the Vermilion County Master Gardeners’ Permaculture on a Postage Stamp class and discover the art of…

4-H Passport to the Outdoors wording over foresty background

4-H Passport to the Outdoors - Clifton Lake

Fishing Day 1 of 5
Join us for Fishing Day 1 of 5 at Clifton Lake in Monticello!  In this part, kids will learn the basics of fishing. Show up at any time between 4 and 7 pm to fish!  Have your own gear…
green grass against a sunny background

Homegrown Harvest Workshops

County: Macon
Homegrown Harvest is a series of family-friendly workshops designed to support vegetable gardeners. Topics include safely harvesting food, pests and diseases, seed-saving, managing weeds, growing…

BBQ sandwich on bun.

Franklin County 4-H Annual BBQ Dinner

County: Franklin

The public is invited to attend the annual BBQ on July 17 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The BBQ, hosted by the Franklin County Extension and 4-H Support Committee, begins at 3:30 p.m. and…

A goat.

Franklin County Livestock Auction

2024 Fair Season

Current 4-H youth that showcase livestock during the fair can participate in the Franklin County Livestock Auction. This event is at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on July 17 at 6:30 p.m., which…

picture of colorful fruits and vegetables

Balancing Blood Sugars: Diabetes Meal Planning

County: DeWitt

It's time to understand more about how carbohydrates and other nutrients impact your blood sugar. Let's plan meals together that improve blood sugar management using tools like carbohydrate…


world map showing Africa with flags stuck in it

Passport to the World

County: Carroll

Join us to explore the world! Youth ages 8-12 are invited to learn about other cultures through games, foods and crafts. Discover new customs and traditions in other parts of the world. Sessions…


Cow and youth walking

2024 Livingston County 4-H Fair and Show

County: Livingston

Come on out to the 2024 Livingston County Fair and 4-H Show July 17th-20th! Whether you want to visit with the animals or stroll through our General Projects in the Humiston Building to check out…

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